MoneyChecker Counterfeit Detectors

MoneyChecker Counterfeit Detectors

The MoneyChecker identifies two covert security features:  the denomination specific color-coded Security Thread with micro-printing and the Watermark.  The operator simply slides the bill onto the template which shows the location and the color of the denomination's security thread when illuminated by UV light.  The LED on the right side of the unit enables the Watermark security feature to be verified quickly and easily.  The MoneyChecker is activated automatically when currency or another item is placed on the template.  The unit is designed to automatically shut off after 3-4 minutes of no use. 

International Model:  The overhead UV lamp unique to the this model allows flourescent security features to be detected in other documents such as credit cards, travelers cheques, passports, etc.  Priced Each. 

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Product Code: 28-MC101

Price: $102.00


Product Code: 28-MC201

Price: $137.00