Replacement Inserts for Perpetual Calendars-Black

Replacement Inserts for Perpetual Calendars-Black

Product Code: 16-286-0026-04

Price: $65.00


Set of double-faced replacement inserts for month, day, and date. Black with white letters and numbers.

Removable top box permits storage of changeable date plates. Anodized aluminum finish in Silver, Gold, or Black. Calendar units are complete with a set of engraved Formica date inserts. Calendars are either single-faced (visible from one side only) or double faced (visible from both sides). Single-face unit had two single Kable pens and double face has two double Kable pens. Base size: 22 x 4. Furnished with a non-slip base. Double-coated adhesive available on request - please specify when ordering.