Tensator  1 1/2

Tensator 541 1 1/2" Velour Rope

Product Code: 94-541

Price: $8.50

How many ropes at what length?:*Required
Qty  Ft.

1 1/2"  Velour Rope.  Plush velour over firm cotton core. Stain resistant.  Please specify how many ropes desired and how many feet each need to be. 

We offer the widest assortment of fabrics, colors, and textures available anywhere. Our covered ropes are filled with a heavy cotton core, allowing for perfect draping and a luxurious feeling of quality. Velour: stain resistant plush velour look, Naugahyde: rich, leather-like vinyl, Tweed: textured wool-like weave of nylon, Poly-Hemp: rugged nautical look. Rope is priced per foot, please indicate overall number of feet needed (also, please specify the number of ropes and the length of each rope). 

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