Bank Counter Pen

Single Kable Pen Set - Black w/Black Ink

Product Code: 16-258-0342A-04

Price: $32.50

Qty  Each

Single Kable Pen Set - Black w/Black Ink

Kable pens deter theft, resist tampering, and withstand abuse. Flexible nylon coated aircraft cable secures tapered aluminim Kable pen to matching color base. Cable cannot be severed with ordinary tools. Base affixes to counter with double-coated adhesive or with hidden screw. A unique locking feature discourages any attempt to dismantle the Kable pen, yet can be easily unlocked without special tools to change the Jumbo Jogger double capacity refill. Spring loaded refill retracts into aluminum tip if hit against hard surface. 6 1/2" pen secured to 3" x 2 1/8" x 1 1/4" matching base with 23" cable.

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